Wedding 101 – Things Brides Often Forget

1. Marriage license

Whether it be procrastinating until the last minute to get it or forgetting to bring it to the wedding venue, the marriage license is one of the most commonly overlooked items in the wedding planning   process. A marriage license must be applied for within the month of the wedding and is only valid for 30 days which makes it a reasonable to procrastinate getting it until last minute. It’s best not to wait until the very last minute to get this done as it is one of the most essential parts of getting married.

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2. Clothes to change into afterwards

After a long day of walking in high heels or buttoned up in a fitted suit it feels amazing to change into comfortable clothing. Some Brides or Grooms bring clothes to change into for the wedding reception. This is a great idea for weddings that aren’t suit and tie events and make dancing much easier. Even if you don’t bring a change of clothes to wear to the wedding reception it is a good idea to have a pair of clothes on hand to wear to go home in. Many getaway cars return to the venue after a few minutes so the Bride and Groom can get any of their items that was left at the venue. This is the perfect chance to change into something more comfortable, or if you are leaving for your honeymoon that night, some traveling clothes.

3. Including yourself and vendors in the catering headcount

You’re almost to your deadline to give the caterer the final headcount for your wedding and you’re going through all of your RSVP cards to make sure you give them the best possible estimate. One thing that many Brides forget is that most venues or wedding vendors have in their contract that they get to eat during the wedding reception so they need to be included in the guest count. Usually the vendors that should be included in your guest count are the wedding planner(s), the photographer(s), the DJ and/or band members.

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4. Guest Book, Cake Knives and Toasting Flutes

Other items that are often put off until the last minute is the wedding guest book, the cake knives and toasting flutes. Most large general stores and even some craft stores have these items available and it can be tempting to put off purchasing them until the last minute. Though it is easy to procrastinate and for some Brides putting things off until late wedding game can actually reduce stress; however, when it comes to purchasing things that you will definitely need for your wedding it is best to get it out of the way as soon as you can. You never know if the store you have seen them in every day suddenly sells out when you need to purchase it. Getting the small things out of the way when you can ultimately saves stress.

5. Passport

If you are going out of country for your honeymoon or having a destination wedding you will need to have a valid passport. This is something you definitely don’t want to procrastinate or forget to add to your to do list. It takes four to six weeks to get your passport, and that is if the office is not backed up. In addition to the wait time to receive your passport, some countries require that you have a valid passport for six months before they allow you in the country. If you already have a passport and it is getting close to time to renew it; something many people don’t know is that some countries will not allow you to enter if your passport has less than six months until it expires. With all of these requirements, your passport is one thing that needs to go at the top of the wedding planning list.

6. Phone charger

In this modern day and time smart phones can do almost anything- they are cameras, computers, communicators, entertainment. For most people, their cellular device is almost an extension of themselves and they always have them available. Even though you will be busy getting prepared for the ceremony that evening, you will still most likely have a need for your cell phone at least once on your wedding day whether it be for texting your fiance that you are about to be married, taking down a quick note of how you are feeling, posting to social media, or using it for entertainment while your hair and makeup are getting done. With all of these possibilities it is best to have a phone charger on hand to give your battery life a boost when it is getting low.

7. Thank you notes

Planning for a wedding can be a stressful ordeal with all the planning meetings, late nights, seating charts, and everything else that goes into making a wedding day beautiful. Usually the wedding day itself marks the end of stress for most Brides and they are able to relax and take a breather on their honeymoon. Something that many Brides procrastinate about doing when they get back from their rest and relaxation is writing their thank you notes. It can be a daunting task to write out all of the thank you cards and it is tempting to put it off; however, it is considered courteous to have all of the thank you cards mailed out within two months of the wedding. If it becomes an overwhelming task, just assign a certain amount of time each day or a certain number of cards to be completed and before you know it- all of your thank you cards will be complete and ready to send.

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8. Vows

If you are not planning on reciting the traditional wedding vows but instead plan on writing your own- then it is wise to not wait until last minute to write these out. If you are suffering from writers block and are struggling to write them, check out our other blog post about how to write wedding vows. There are tons of examples out there and there is nothing wrong with saying something that has already been written, so long as it reflects what your heart is really saying. Take a few minutes each day to brainstorm on what you want to say- what promises you want to make to your future husband or wife.

9. Wedding playlist

Wedding Dress- check. Groom’s Tuxedo- check. Venue- check. Caterer- check. Wedding Music-… Wedding music is one of those things couples tend to put at the bottom of their priority list. Even though there are thousands of songs that talk about love in hundreds of ways, it can be difficult to find one that perfectly fits you and your significant other. There are many slots that need to be filled and picked out for the wedding day. For the ceremony you have- music for the parents/grandparents, music for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course music for the Bride, and then a wedding recessional song. For the wedding reception you’ll need an entrance song, a first dance song, a mother/son song, a father/daughter song, various selections for reception dance music and then a last dance song.

10. Personal Recharging Time

With all the wedding planning, getting passports, setting playlists, picking out music, working with various vendors, and all of the other various things that are involved in the wedding process- there is one last thing that is often forgotten. Don’t forget to take a step back and breathe every now and again. Have a peaceful moment at a park, go on a romantic date-night, have a random pillow fight, take a well deserved nap- take time for you and for your fiance so that this wedding planning doesn’t burn you out. Brides often refer to the planning process as some of the most stressful months of their lives; however, that doesn’t have to be how it goes. Don’t procrastinate on things that you can get done today, don’t stress about things that have to wait until tomorrow, and don’t forget to invest more time in your soulmate than you do in other things. After all, ultimately your wedding day is about marrying them.

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