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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

Shelby, Alabama 35143 Phone:(205) 669-9486

Cory and Curtis's Wedding Photos

Cory and Curtis at The Sterling Castle Wedding Venue. Photos by Joanna Ballentine

  • My husband and I were married at The Sterling Castle on November 2nd 2013.
    We had the most amazing experience working with The Sterling Castle and Misty and Victor Binkerd.
    The Sterling Castle is beautiful and romantic and accommodates both large and small weddings with ease. As the bride, it was so easy to plan our wedding with Misty and Victor. Friends and family kept saying, "oh you must be so stressed out planning you wedding" when in fact, it was the most enjoyable experience! Misty and Victor really listened to our wants and ideas and made them happen while staying in our budget. The venue is perfect, it has everything you could need: a bridal suite and groom suite, plenty of parking, nice bathrooms for you guests, a bar area, DJ booth and tented reception area. It was the most amazing experience. I was actually really sad when everything was over, because my husband and I had such a wonderful experience. We really got to enjoy each moment of our wedding day without having to worry about the little details. I will never forget it. Misty and Victor make magic at The Sterling Castle, brides-to-be should NOT over look this venue!
    Wedding Date 11/2/2013


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Relaxing and Low Stress Wedding Venues near Birmingham

Joanna Ballentine Bride takes a sip of some lemonade in the bridal suite.

Inexpensive and fun food choices for budget weddings.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Great dessert options for weddings on a dime. These cake pops were delicious.

Black and White Prep shot photography.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Private and Romantic Personal Dressing Room for Brides near Vestavia.

Warm Wood Fire Buring and Cackling served as a great backdrop!

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
White Fondant and Vanilla Icing made for a delicous and beautiful wedding cake design.

Great Value Wedding Photobooth Background

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Fun Photobooth Stand with Silly Props like Mustaches, Bow ties, big lips, and more.

Groomsmen walking down the aisle with not one, but TWO beautiful ladies.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
The bridesmaids looked lovely in their gray and white strapless dresses.

Bride and Bridesmaids full length dresses.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Great quality and value wedding dresses in birmingham area.

Ideas for walking down the aisle for uneven amounts of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Groomsmen pose with with the Groom by the lakeside for a lovely fall day.

Black and White Photography for a beautiful autumn weekend.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Small wedding crowd gathers together to celebrate the Bride and Groom's special day.

Light food tray and small Hors d'oeuvre for central Alabama Wedding Venues.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Low budget food options for Birmingham Area.

Everyone bowing heads for a commermarative prayer.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Respectful behavior for southern alabama weddings.

OMG! That's a cake? Amazing Mafia inspired cigar box was actually a very nice groom's cake.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
All the guests and groomsmen thought it was an actual cigar box for celebratory wedding cigars.

Colorless photograph of the wedding pergola

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen stand around to support their friends and family in their marriage.

Wedding Facilities to host bridal parties of any size!

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Lovely girls all pose in monogrammed button up dress shirts.

Cory and Curtis Enjoying their first dance as a married couple.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Sweet couple swayed back and forth under the reception tent.

Groomsman and a flowergirl play inside the castle foyer.

Joanna Ballentine
captured this rare moment of fun at Alabama's finest venue for weddings and parties.

Long White Bridal Veil Photography.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Tall wooden chair in the bridal suite made a great photo for memories.

Bright pink, white, and vibrant fuchsia wedding flowers.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Vibrant and Colorful wedding boquets for central alabama brides.

Holding the Drama with two open castle doors!

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Best pose ideas for brides in the south.

Bridal Dress hung over the edge of a vintage couch.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Wedding Dress photos for alabama brides.

Mother Son Dance brings tears to a few eyes.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Special dance song played and made everyone cry just a little.

A very happy bride and groom returning to the Castle.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Great places to get hitched in the south!

The Father of the bride about to give his daugther away.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Most Emotional time of the wedding day for the father of the bride.

Colorful candies, decidant desserts, and tasty entrees.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Sterling castle caterering policy allows for both recommended caterers and outside caterers.

Happy Winter Bride Snuggles up to her new hubby!

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Top 10 best locations to get married in the south!

Cory and Curtis saying their "I do's"

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Intimate outdoor AL wedding ceremonies in outside of Hustsville.

Sidewalk to the Dock makes a great posing spot.

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
All the kind people got together and put on their smiling faces!

Cory's Mr. got to be a knight in shining armor!

Photos By Joanna Ballentine
Let's hope Curtis isn't too mad! These knights make a great backdrop to add lots of flavorful texture to the castle.

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