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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

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Roles of the wedding party

Bride and Groom

Make sure your fairytale day is exactly what you want it to be. The Bride and Groom serve as hosts for a celebration of their love. Make sure to properly set a budget, choose a date and time, and coordinate with a wedding planner. Wedding planners can remove much of the stress from your shoulders by consulting and hiring florists, caterers, photographers, limo and luxury car services, and much more! The goal of the whole day is to have as much fun with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Everyone else at your wedding is there to celebrate just that!


bride and bridesmaids posing for photos Bridesmaids are a crucial part for many weddings. Their job is to help keep as much stress off of the bride as possible. Bridesmaids may and should assist the bride in whatever the endeavors of her Special Day might hold. A bridesmaid should reach out and volunteer for jobs, rather than just asking what she might do. She should be readily available to help a bride with the planning of any bridal bachelorette parties, as well as jewelry or accessories for the wedding. A bridesmaid should always attempt to attend all bridal dinners and ceremony rehearsal. Many weddings include 1 or 2 bridesmaids, but some necessitate as many as 6 or more. The bridesmaid position can be held by any friend or family member, and the position of Junior Bridesmaid can be held by those girls who are too old to be flower girls, but not quite old enough to participate in all bridal activities.

Maid of Honor

Usually considered the most important honor a bride can give a close friend or relative, the Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor) will stand closest to a bride while she is delivering her vows. The Maid of Honor is responsible for coordinating the bridesmaid’s activities and trying to relieve as much responsibility from the shoulders of the Bride as possible. The Maid of Honor is traditionally in charge of the safekeeping and directing of wedding gifts for the bride. The Maid of Honor, alongside the bridesmaids, will assist the Bride in both selecting and putting on her wedding dress. Her most important duty is to keep the Bride stress free and to keep her smiling and laughing.


The number of groomsmen needed for a wedding ceremony ranges similarly and usually in conjunction with the number of Bridesmaids. It is not unusual for the Groom’s Special Day to have even up to six or more groomsmen. The men chosen for the position are close friends, brothers, cousins, or other relatives. Groomsmen traditionally help the Groom out by buying or renting a tuxedo for the wedding. Groomsmen can be help sit guests or direct others to bathrooms, as well as run any last minute errands the Groom might need, “I left my tux at home” for example. Groomsmen should assist in the planning of any bachelor party related activities. Groomsmen walk down the aisle beside a bridesmaid. groom and groomsmen caught drop jawed gazing at the bride.


Best Man

The Groom’s Best Man holds similar responsibilities to that of a groomsman. The best man usually takes on the role of an advisor and peacekeeper during the wedding ceremony. He tries to keep the wedding as much of a stress free ceremony as possible. The best man is expected to attend all wedding rehearsals, and stands close to the groom during the ceremony. Traditionally, the Best Man and Maid of Honor sign the marriage certificate as a witness. The Best Man’s toughest job is his giving of the first wedding toast. For added fun, the Best Man, groomsmen, and bridesmaids can “decorate” the getaway mobile. The Best Man’s overall goal is to make sure that the Groom gets the best possible day to launch off his marriage.

Flower Girl

Flower Girls are usually the youngest people directly involved in the wedding ceremony. Flower girls are usually between the ages of 4 and 8, and are delegated a simple, but meaningful job. During the wedding processional, the Flower girl’s job is to walk down the aisle and either spread flower petals, rice, or just carry a bouquet. The flower girl(s) is an essential attendee during rehearsals, as to make sure she is comfortable all of the steps and queues of the ceremony.

Ring Bearer

The position of Ring Bearer is traditionally held by a young boy, similar to the age range of the flower girls. The Ring Bearer normally carries rings down the aisle atop a satin pillow. It is advisable to tie strings or ribbon through the rings for safekeeping. Another commonly used idea is to use symbolic rings for the ring bearer, and to have a guest of honor (such as the Best Man) hold the actual rings for the ceremony.


The officiate position is usually held by a pastor, priest, city official, rabbi, or ship captain. However, the position can be held by a close friend or anyone, provided the proper steps have been following and licensing has been obtained. It is important to select an Officiate who suits your tastes, be that religious, nonreligious, humorous, straightforward, etc.

Guest Book Attendant

Sign in books are a great way to capture the love of your closest friends. A Guest Book Attendant can stand next to your greeting table and direct people to sign in, as well as answer any questions another guest might have. He or she may also be delegated the task of collecting gifts or cards on behalf of the bride and groom.


This role can be delegated to those members who the Groom wants to be part of the special day, yet doesn't want to command entire army of groomsmen. An usher can serve in place of a groomsman in the role of seating individuals.