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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

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Wedding Traditions
The Rings

wedding ring traditions

Throughout history, jewelry has been worn to signify wealth, power, faith, and individualism. In the modern world the traditional gold “Wedding band” is worn a sign of the mutual commitment of marriage between two lovers. This mindset hasn’t always held true, as demonstrated by both ancient and contemporary cultures. The presumed first recorded exchanging of rings was to have occurred in Ancient Egypt, nearly 5,000 years ago. Egyptians would wear rings made of reeds, grasses, and papyrus as decoration. Scholars believe Egyptians used the circle as a symbol of foreverness, as it has no start or end. In ancient Rome, the upper class traditionally had arranged marriages.

Many Romans could buy the hand of a bride through bribery of her father. In that culture, a ring of a hard metal would be seen more as a symbol of ownership than true love. Around 900 AD, intricately engraved wedding bands were used in Christian ceremonies. The church later deemed the rings to be overly worldly, and a more simple gold band was adopted. In cultures where jewelry was considered frivolous, such as early Puritan America, a more practical thimble was occasionally given to show affection. Today, the ring is used to solidify the bond between two individuals in love, and rings are normally made of a pure, soft metal.