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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

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Popular Unity Ceremonies

Unity Candle Ceremony-

The lighting of a Unity Candle is a new addition to many traditional wedding ceremonies. Unity Candle Ceremonies usually begin with the Mothers of the Bride and Groom lighting each lighting a separate Taper Candle. Each taper candle is symbolic of that family and their love for their Bride and Groom. The two candles will stay lit, each held by a small pedestal, usually until the couple has exchanged vows. The Bride and Groom will each take a taper candle from its stand and bring the flame together to light a larger, ornate candle. The large candle being lit from the smaller represents the two families becoming one. As the two flames become one, it signifies the unity of the Bride and Groom, and that they are receiving support from their Husband’s or Wife’s Family. Some couples will keep the candle and choose to relight it to celebrate their marriage on their anniversaries!

Unity Cross Ceremony

Unity Crosses are a branch of the Unity Candle Ceremony. Favored among Christian Couples, the Unity Cross symbolizes the love the two have for each other, and their respect for God. The Ceremony involves a small set of separated on a tabletop. When the couple participates in the Unity Cross Ceremony, they will each take pieces of the Cross and assemble them together to form a beautiful cross. The building of the Cross together symbolizes their building of a relationship within their faith, and their commitment to each other. The Cross later makes great decoration for Fireplace Mantles, Cabinet Decor, or as a Table Centerpiece.

Unity Earth Mixing

Unity Earth Mixing Ceremonies are a unique option for a memorable Wedding. It is a perfect option for couples who spent time in their lives moving around. The Bride and Groom will each gather soil or dirt from every spot they have lived in. Each person gathers their dirt into a jar or vase before their wedding day. During the ceremony, the couple will pour dirt from their container into a larger container to symbolize the Journey that brought them together.

Wine Box Ceremony

The Wine Box Ceremony is a very popular and fun Wedding Ceremony for couples. This romantic ceremony serves as a Time Capsule for couples to continue celebrating and honoring their wedding day. Preparation for the day involves the Bride and Groom writing Letters describing their feelings for each other. The letters are then sealed, and on the Wedding Day, they are placed inside a box alongside a Bottle of Wine. The Wedding Wine Box is locked, glues, or nailed shut. The Sealed Box stays with the Bride and Groom until an agreed upon date, such as their first, fifth, or tenth anniversary. This ceremony is also referred to as the “Fight Box” ceremony, because in the event of a down patch, the box may be opened and the couple may read the letters to be reminded of their true feelings and love for each other.

Butterfly Release / Dove Release Ceremony
For Nature and Animal Lovers, A Butterfly or Dove Release can be ideal for a Bride’s Special Day. Butterflies or Doves are present for the whole wedding ceremony. The Butterflies or Doves are then traditionally privately wished over by the Happy Couple, and then are set free! The release of the flying creatures symbolized the couple’s wishes being sent up to the heavens, so that they may surely come true, and be renowned for all the world to know.

Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring Warming is a simple and elegant wedding ceremony. This specialized service is perfect for small weddings, usually those under fifty people. Near the beginning of your service have your Officiant make announcement that the Wedding Rings will be making their way around for the Guests. The Officiant should invite each guest to say a prayer over/place a blessing on/ shoot positive brainwaves at the Wedding Rings, then pass it to the next guest. This is a great way to incorporate those who assembled for your Wedding Day. The Rings are then finally given to the Best Man to hold until the rings are asked for.
Sand Ceremony (also done with rocks, marbles, salt, spices, etc)

Hand Fasting
Hand Fasting is a great alternative to traditional weddings, and is perfect for a bride looking to do something different on her wedding day! The term stems from 17th Century Celt’s Pagonistic Wedding Rituals, but today is very different. However, Handfastings are still a highly popular wedding ceremony among Pagans and Wiccans. Modern Hand Fastings usually involve the hands of the Bridge and the Groom being symbolically tied together with multicolored ribbons, called “cords”.  The Ceremony can be used both as a Legal Marriage method, or just serve as a mutual commitment to love each other forever.

Tree Planting
A great way to include natural themes into your Wedding Ceremony is to use the Tree Planting Wedding Ceremony. The bride and groom will purchase a tree, and during their wedding, plant it inside of a vase, or directly into the ground, depending on location. During the ceremony, the tree may have additional soil or dirt added to it by the Bride, Groom, or Families of the Two. While the tree on the wedding day is important, the real symbolism behind it is the tree’s need to be nurtured and cared for. It turn it will grow, blossom, and be a long lasting.

Hand Ceremony

A Classic and beautiful way to get married, The Hand Ceremony is a amazingly sweet idea to get married. With all the details and symbols that mean this and that on a wedding day, the Hand Ceremony is an breakaway idea that brings the day back to what it is all about, the Bride and Groom. The ceremony entails the couple simply clasping each others hands during a reading from their officiant. The officiant will place emphasis on various aspects of the hands being held together. Some examples are “The young and strong hands of your best friend”, “the hands that will hold you in times of struggle and grief”, and “these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged, still reaching for yours, and still holding the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.”

Rose exchange Ceremony

The exchanging of Roses has become a very popular and elegant choice for Romantic Weddings. The Ceremony begins with either the Officiant or the Mothers of the Couple coming up and bringing the Bride and Groom a single Red Rose. The exchange of the Rose between the couple signifies their first exchange as a married couple, and the give and take nature of married life. The ceremony and additional symbolism can be tied in to suit your exact needs.

Rose Gathering Ceremony

This Unique Wedding Ceremony idea starts before you even get to Groom. The idea behind it is for the bride to start with a very simplistic bouquet of flowers, and for the guests to help her build onto it. As she walks down the aisle, the guests sitting on the innermost seats will pass her roses, which she will add to her bouquet. This brings your guests together, and incorporates them into your wedding Day. The Bouquet symbolizes the coming together of your friends to support your union, as well as well as a building relationship over time.

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom is a popular cultural method of marriage. The Ceremony has roots in Early to Mid 1800’s, when it was the preferred method of getting married during Antebellum Slavery Era. Other cultures similarly hold a broom-jumping ceremony, such as Scotland and England early 1900’s. The Ceremony is sweet and quick, but is very culturally rich and holds lots of history.

Lock Ceremony
The “Love Lock” Ceremony is a new and unique wedding ceremony. The Idea behind the Ceremony is that the Couple secure a lock around Iron Bars, and then throw away the key. The Sterling Castle Ceremony Area has a Lakeside Pergola with Iron Bars specifically for hanging Wedding Locks. The lake makes a great backdrop that also serves as a functional and practical piece of your day! It is a unique and cool method to immortalize your love! Just as the keys could never be taken out of the lake, so should your love be!

Painting Ceremony

Fun wedding ceremony option for artistic brides! Painting Ceremonies are a very exciting way to get to say “I do!” The ceremony area is fitted with a stationary canvas situated on an easel. The bride and groom will paint a picture together, usually a heart, or similar symbol. The painting makes a great decoration for their house together, and is a great form of entertainment for your guests.