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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

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Awesome Wedding Trivia!!


Dress to Impress

Brides typically purchase their wedding dresses on average 11 months before their wedding.

The world’s longest wedding dress train was over 1.5 miles long! This dress was created back in 2009 in the Netherlands.

Ancient Greeks believed that a veil would protect the bride from evil spirits. Brides have worn veils ever since.

The world’s longest bridal veil is over 2 miles long! It was produced for a Lebanese Couple in October of 2009.

The Most Expensive Wedding Dress ever created cost over 44 Million Dollars!

The Average Wedding Dress Price is around $1,350 Dollars.

It is an English belief that a spider in the wedding dress is good luck!

Before 1840, Brides simply wore the best dress they owned. Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding.

Around 15% of Brides wear a colored wedding dress!

Two out of three Brides prefer their bridesmaids dresses to match.

Rebellious Bride in the American Revolution would wear Red Wedding Dresses.

Wedding Superstitions

The “Best Man” refers to the man among the Groom’s friends who is best with a sword. The Best Man would often be the Groom’s accomplice in stealing away a Bride from disapproving parents.

June is still the most popular month in the world to get married. This is due to June being named after Juno, the Roman god of love, marriage, and childbirth.

Legend states if the younger of two sisters marries first, the older sister should dance barefooted at the wedding or risk her never finding a husband.

Wednesday is rumored the best day of the week to marry. Other beliefs say that Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health. Despite this, Saturday is the most popular day for weddings.

The superstition of not seeing each other until the ceremony stems from the days of arranged marriages. The bride and groom never get a chance to meet and change their minds about the wedding.

Wedding Bells come from Irish customs, and are said to ward away bad omens, and bring harmony to the family.

The tying of shoes to the back of a bridal carriage or car originates

An Egyptian custom states that pinching the Bride on her wedding day will bring her good luck.

Who a Bride sees on her wedding day has always been lucky one way or another. Chimney Sweeps have been seen as very good luck, where as a nun or monk would be a sign of bad luck and barren marriage.

During the Getaway, a bride looking at the mirror once as she drives away is seen as good luck. But if her eyes linger there, or she looks again, it is seen as bad luck for a weddings.

Extreme Ceremonies

The 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diane Spencer was televised and seen by over 750 Million People.

Over Three Hundred Divers attended an 18 minute long underwater marriage ceremony outside of Poland.


Wedding Trivia

Rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because for many years it was thought that the veins in that finger lead directly back to the heart.

Various Gemstones serve different meaning for weddings. Sapphires are seen as a symbol of marital happiness. Pearls and Opals are normally considered bad luck on rings, due to their shape being close to tears. Aquamarine is said to bring about a long happy marriage.

An average of 17 tons of gold are made into wedding rings in the United States each year.

The tradition of serving a cake for a weddings began in ancient Rome, when Roman hosts would give out Wheat flour cake to their guests.

A Bride’s outfit containing Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue is a common set of advice for brides to follow for their weddings. Using these somewhere in her attire can be seen as good luck charms for a long lasting marriage.

The old rhyme also recommends “A Sixpence in your Shoe”. A sixpence is an old British coin that was put into a bride’s shoes as good luck. Many Brides still place a few coins in their shoes for good luck.

An average of 7000 weddings occur each day in the United States alone!

Stag Parties have their origins in Ancient Sparta, who threw huge parties to kiss their days as a bachelor goodbye.

Engagements in the United States last an Average of 6 months.

The average age of Brides on their wedding dates is 24 ½ years old.

Rice is thrown at weddings as a symbol of fertility. Flowergirls are also symbolic of Fertility.

The cost of an American Wedding on Average is around $28,000.

On Average, a Three Tier Wedding Cake can feed around 150 people!

The world’s longest engagement was 67 years long. The couple married each other in their 80’s.

15th century Venetians were the firsts to use diamonds in the wedding rings because diamonds are the hardest and most enduring substance. It symbolizes a everlasting Marriage.