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The alabama wedding Venue, The Sterling Castle

Wedding & Event Venue

Shelby, Alabama 35143 Phone:(205) 669-9486

Photo Shoot / Engagement Photo Package

Come spend some time at the Castle and get memories captured forever! The flowers, textures and just raw nature allow for fantastic photos, plus you get to spend time in the Castle's common areas to do inside shots too. We have many professional photographers available if you need one.

Call us Today to Plan a Visit! (205)669-9486

The Photo Package Features

Included in this Alabama Wedding Venue Package 2 Hours of Site Time (Does not include photographer) $200
  Additional time needed? add $50.00 per hour.  
  Note: This Package is FREE with any other Wedding Package Purchase.  
  Covers 6 people total.
Add $15.00 Per Person if more than 6 people involved.

Photo Package Total - $200